“WHEN IN SICILY” – Exposition Delphine Otte

A trip to Sicily made me realize this island is a true hidden paradise. I went there on a family vacation to discover the island and recharge my batteries. Ten days were too short to discover the entire island, but enough for me to fall in love with this Italian beauty.


DelphineOtte_Sicilie_006 DelphineOtte_Sicilie_007

Although most people know me as a portrait photographer who loves natural light, I love to experiment with other styles and subjects. During our family holiday in Sicily, I was amazed by the beauty of the island. What started off with typical family pictures ended up with landscapes to dream away at.

DelphineOtte_Sicilie_002 DelphineOtte_Sicilie_004 DelphineOtte_Sicilie_005

Can’t get enough of these Sicilian landscapes? Come visit me and my pictures at “De Kotroute” the 26th of November in Mechelen, Lange Ridderstraat 44A.

DelphineOtte_Sicilie_001 DelphineOtte_Sicilie_003

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